YouRuMaru 結流環


The artist duo YouRuMaru Suguru Funaki and Rie Sumi have been working together since 2018.
Based on the concepts of 結"Connect" 流"Flow" and 環"Relaxation & Circulation”, They express the connection and integration of different fields such as yoga and art. and create art works and products as a meditation device that elicits a sensation of relaxation in the mind and body.
These three-dimensional works incorporate Japanese traditions and techniques to produce immersive illumination-art installation and events.


Saori Okada-Founder, coordinates.

After a seven -year stay in Europe, where she met many people and fostered connections between Japan and rest of the world, she returned lo Japan lo complete her formal studies in traditional kimono dressing techniques in 2014. She continues to cultivate her international ties through the promotion
and expansion of Japanese small businesses abroad.

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